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Kia enables drivers to access location-based services with 4screen

  • Kia adds 4screen as part of the latest software update for a range of vehicles and countries
  • 4screen connects companies and services with drivers via dedicated offers pinpointed on the navigation screen
  • Kia is committed to enhancing the in-car experience and improving customer convenience
  • 4screen expands Kia Connect Live Services to deliver customized offers to drivers while on the road

January 16, 2024 – Searching for a specific service while driving, such as a charging station, restaurant or filling station, can result in numerous options on the in-car navigation screen, and not all of them are relevant for drivers. To make this experience more streamlined, convenient, and beneficial, Kia Connect Live Services is adding 4screen to a range of vehicles.*

4screen is the world’s first platform designed to connect drivers with companies and brands in real-time along the route, via dedicated pins on the in-car navigation screen.** The service enhances every journey, enabling drivers to take advantage of customized services and offers and enjoy the benefits of targeted promotions rather than hunting around for the best deal.

Currently active in France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Switzerland and the UK, with further countries coming, 4screen is available to Kia drivers via an online software update. Eligible vehicles with over-the-air capability will automatically get this update in the coming weeks.

“This digital service adds an extra layer of connectivity to deliver greater interaction between the driver and what’s on offer in their immediate surroundings,” said Alexandre Papapetropoulos, Director Product and Pricing at Kia Europe. “This could involve a free coffee at selected charging stations, a hotel making discounts available for Kia drivers, or regularly visited stores informing drivers about extended opening hours. It greatly broadens the range of benefits for our customers, making them easily accessible on the in-car screen.”

Location-based offers can revolutionize in-car connectivity

In contrast to the way locations are usually pinned on the map, 4screen shows them with a decorator on the pin that includes the individual companies’ brand or logo, immediately distinguishing them as having special offers.

Drivers can click on the Branded Pin to get additional information, such as opening hours and contact details, and also access available offers and discounts via the detail screen. Once selected, the navigation system guides the driver directly to the location.

When a driver is searching for something specific, companies with an active campaign show at the top of the search list. Drivers can also set 4screen to show only certain categories, such as charging stations but not filling stations. The featured content only displays on request, to ensure the safest driving experience. Drivers can also deactivate 4screen at any time.

"Partnering with Kia is a significant milestone for us. We are proud to join forces with a brand dedicated to elevating the in-car experience," says, Fabian Beste, Co-Founder & CEO of 4screen. "As 4screen continues to pioneer the future of connected mobility, our goal is to empower Kia drivers to unlock a world of personalized benefits at their fingertips. Together, Kia and 4screen are shaping the future of in-car engagement, offering convenience, choice, and added enjoyment to every road trip."

The addition of 4screen is one more way Kia enhances the in-car experience, by delivering real-time content and offers directly to the driver.

Notes to editors

(*) All vehicles that have either the Gen5W or the ccNC infotainment system. Please check the availability on the Update Portal.

(**) 4screen is fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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About Kia Europe  

Kia Europe is the European sales and manufacturing division of Kia Corporation – a global mobility brand that is creating innovative, pioneering and leading sustainable mobility solutions for consumers, communities and societies around the world. As a Sustainable Mobility Solutions Provider, Kia is spearheading the popularization of electrified and battery electric vehicles and developing a growing range of mobility services, encouraging people around the world to explore the best ways of getting around.

Kia Europe, headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany, employs in total over 5,500 employees from 40 nationalities in 39 markets across Europe and the Caucasus. It also oversees European production at the company’s state-of-the-art facility in Zilina, Slovakia.  

Kia’s innovative products continue to attract great acclaim, notably the EV6 battery electric vehicle becoming the first Korean car to be named European Car of the Year in 2022.  

Further information can be found

 About Kia Connect

Kia Connect is an in-car and app-based telematics system designed to make driving a more intuitive experience. Features include accurate traffic and ETA prediction, ‘best-in-class’ data provision, remote access to vehicle information, and now over-the-air software updates. Kia Connect’s suite of on-board technologies can be accessed through the vehicles’ central touchscreen. 

EV owners can also use the Kia Connect smartphone app to set climate control levels, view their vehicle’s charging status, plan smart charging schedules and check the range radius based on the remaining charge. Users can also check and change their vehicle settings directly from their smartphone, including navigation, radio and Bluetooth preferences. The Kia Connect smartphone app is available for download via the Google Play and Apple App stores.

About 4screen

4screen is the world's first platform that connects drivers seamlessly with their surroundings, providing real-time access to a wide range of services and recommendations. By working within the car's digital interface, 4screen leverages unique vehicle data points to enhance the mobility experience and connect drivers with the most relevant businesses and destinations possible - All while complying fully with the highest safety and privacy regulations.

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