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The collaboration between 4screen and Audi yields enhanced in-car experience for drivers in Germany


  • From today, 4screen provides Audi drivers with access to an enhanced digital in-car experience. 
  • The 4screen platform is integrated into Audi vehicles produced from 2019 onwards in Germany.
  • Drivers can benefit from improved features with access to added-value content. 


Munich, November 30, 2022 – Following the collaboration agreement in May 2022, 4screen is announcing the launch of the driver interaction platform in Germany with an initial fleet of thousands of vehicles. The integration allows Audi drivers to interact and engage with renowned businesses and brands through an upgraded on-screen search feature, enabling an enhanced mobility experience via the in-car screen. The Audi go-live of the platform marks a strategic milestone for 4screen.  



The 4screen platform enables drivers to connect seamlessly with their environment  


Since 2020, 4screen and Audi have worked closely on a solution that seamlessly connects drivers with the world around them via the in-car screen. 4screen developed a real-time digital platform that empowers drivers to engage with businesses and services that matter to them. 
“The collaboration between 4screen and Audi marks a big step forward for us” says Fabian Beste, CEO of 4screen. “Although we all have complementary expertise, 4screen, Audi, and the partners have found unity of purpose in providing the best possible user experience to drivers.” 
4screen’s Mobility Experience Cloud (MXC) can be integrated into every car brand worldwide by using an API (Application Programming Interface). 4screen is connected to the OEM’s vehicle and content is displayed on the in-car screen. 4screen works entirely in the background of navigation systems for vehicles in complete respect of the original interfaces. As a result, drivers can enjoy the benefits of 4screen and continuity of use through the navigation system they are familiar with. Through this integration, Audi improves the user experience of the in-car screen in full compliance with the highest safety, as well as driver and passenger privacy standards. Featured content is displayed only upon the driver’s request, preventing any distraction. The system is fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 


4screen is designed to provide an enhanced digital in-car customer and retail experience through live content relevant to the driver. As a result, it enables drivers to receive helpful information on the in-car screen without transmitting driver-attributable data. Audi drivers can now connect and interact with services and recommendations in their surroundings, solely based on their needs and search results.  


Using the Audi MMI navigation system's search function, drivers can look for categories of certain points of interest (POIs). The driver is shown various locations of featured brands and services thanks to the 4screen integration. The platform provides an ever-expanding network of business partners of all verticals, such as supermarkets, restaurants, parking lots, charging and refueling stations, offering Audi drivers improved services.  

Drivers that proactively search for a restaurant, for example, may opt for the one that also offers a reserved parking slot, or those who need to do their grocery shopping may choose the supermarket that includes a car charging service.  

In the same way, businesses of all sizes can use the exclusive marketing channel to engage with drivers within a certain radius through live content whilst reaching their branding and performance objectives. For example, when drivers search for nearby parking facilities, cafes could win new customers by offering sponsored parking if the drivers buy a drink at their location. 


4screen and Audi partnership gathers pace with enhanced digital services 


The implementation of 4screen’s platform can be found in newly released cars as well as to the fleet produced from 2019 onwards. The launch in the German market will be followed by a Europe-wide rollout. 


The global connected car market is estimated to grow exponentially over the next five years, with more than 470 million connected vehicles on the road. 4screen is leading the sector that uses HMI (Human-Machine Interaction) to bridge the gap between the driver and the vehicle ecosystem whilst the car manufacturers keep the control over the customer interface, ensuring a seamless user experience.  



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About 4screen 

4screen is the world’s first platform designed to connect, interact, and engage with drivers. 4screen’s Mobility Experience Cloud (MXC) provides a fully standardized interface for real-time location-based interaction with every driver, of every car brand, worldwide. Car brands, navigation systems, and mobility service providers integrate 4screen APIs (Application Programming Interface) into their systems to enable billions of interactions every day. Drivers benefit from a wide variety of useful services such as relevant in-car recommendations, better in-car content, and access to exclusive offers. Businesses of all sizes - from local shops to global brands and smart cities - are using 4screen technology to increase the visibility of their brand or location by offering useful content to drivers. 4screen is headquartered in Munich and has the world’s leading brands as customers. For more information, please visit 



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