Thanks to 4screen's In-Car Search campaign, Shell achieved great results in Germany within the first 3 months alone. A 90% increase in Shell Search Clicks was recorded during the promotion, which directly resulted in 1.924 more store visits. This rapid boost to Shell’s visibility and findability also came with a 14x Return on Ad Spend.


more ​store visits


Return on Ad Spend

1: Campaign duration: 3 Months

About Shell

Shell is a multinational energy company that operates across the entire energy spectrum. With a presence in more than 70 countries, Shell is committed to providing sustainable and reliable energy solutions to meet the world's growing demand. The company is focused on driving innovation and investing in new technologies to help deliver clean and affordable energy solutions while also reducing its environmental impact. Shell's diverse portfolio of energy offerings includes oil, gas, renewable energy, and chemicals, and the company is dedicated to upholding responsible business practices. As a leader in the global energy market, Shell is committed to promoting sustainable development and working towards a low-carbon future.


Shell is a leading provider of fuels and services at gas stations, offering customers a wide range of high-quality products and services. Shell's goal was to reach consumers exactly when they are searching for gas stations while in their cars. Additionally, it was important to ensure that all Shell locations in vehicles are findable and attractively highlighted.


To achieve these goals, Shell implemented an in-car search campaign with 4screen in Germany.

This highlighted Shell's own locations in the in-car search and placed them at the top to increase the likelihood of being selected as a search result.

Our 4screen campaign achieved outstanding results with enhanced targeting and tailored messaging, allowing us to explore new innovative ways to interact with our customers.

- André Humbert, Shell Brand & Comms and Customer Journey Manager

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